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I really hate it when guys (particularly the ones in my school), or any person makes some comment that’s so… society-controlling.

  • When I said I needed a haircut to maintain the short length of my hair, this one guy was like, “no, let it grow out, you’ll look prettier!”
  • When I was about to tie my hair (’cause it was getting pretty long by my standards), this other guy said, “no, don’t tie it, it looks better down!”
  • When I was just eating cup noodles for lunch since I was saving money for something, another guy goes, “diet ka ba?”
  • When I was eating my third pack of cookies while waiting for my professor to come to class, this guy in front says, “you’re gonna get fat, you know.”
  • When I get a pimple that’s already healing, the other guy goes, “Ohh, pimple aleeeert~” (…so annoying what the fuck)

…and I’m just sitting there like, “DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A SHIT?”

Does this look like someone who gives a shit?


Also, yes, that’s me.

…I kinda got bored while working on a plate for class, and did this while taking a break. >>

tl;dr, I just mean to say gtfo and let me do what I want; I don’t give a shit about society idealisms. D<


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