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Not entirely sure why, but I have that really heavy, aching, chest-clenching feeling of depression right now. Not entirely in the figurative sense either. My chest really hurts, and I really feel depressed.


I don’t really know why.



Really short post ’cause I felt the need to say it somewhere, but anywhere else I could post, people would either make a really big fuss, or make smart-ass comments that wouldn’t help at all. I have a feeling if that does happen, I’ll be depressed and pissed off.


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It’s really been bothering that when I don’t have my laptop handy, that’s when I get these really long chains of thought that could potentially be a really good blog entry, but when I get home, open up WordPress, nothing comes to mind.


A while ago, while waiting in Starbucks for Patrick, I even tried to jot down my initially planned post about my reflections about high school, now that I’m in college, but all I got was a sort of meaningless intro; and I couldn’t think of what else to say. 8|


And then just now, I was thinking of writing an entry for a person in particular, but then as soon as I opened WP, I completely forgot what I was supposed to write.



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