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I, am having a serious mental over load. I hate not being able to post whenever the hell I damn well please, it’s seriously messing up my line of thought.

As you guys may have noticed, my blog has gone more or less into huge entry-less lapses. As Mia put it, my WordPress has gone into a coma. Anyway, I swear, I do have a lot of journal entries saved as drafts, since all these things going on have been making it hard on  my mind to think of a good place to start for every story I want to write about. Like my checking out of every bit of Scott Pilgrim media I could get after reading the comic, the happenings yesterday, the happenings today, etc.

The problem is, when I do the usual of writing a short intro, cutting it to the “read more” tag, and writing the actual entry, I get stuck after the intro. My fingers are on the keys, waiting for words to just flow out into the screen, into a seemingly endless stream of sentences that form a long story.

At that moment, that’s when my brain goes completely haywire, words tangling with others, one part fighting with the next to get typed out first. Then I just spend like half an hour, staring at the little blinking line, still waiting for a proper entry to just come to me. At that point, I’d just save as a draft, then leave it, supposedly for the next day.

…and yet they are still not finished.

…AT LEAST I GOT THAT OUT OF MY HEAD. I feel somewhat better now. XD Will try harder to finish previous entries that I’ve started but never finished, soon. c:


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