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I knew there was going to be Golden Sun for the DS, and I was excited to see what it’d be like since I really loved Golden Sun 1 and 2 for the Gameboy, but I FELT THE NEED TO SHOW THE EPIC EXCITEMENT I FEEL NOW AFTER WATCHING THE DEMO VIDS. ❤

So I was watching the video, and I saw that the graphics were the same as before, and I went “OMG! MEMORIES~! >u<” and I kept watching, and watching… THEN I SAW THE LOG PUZZLE THINGS. ❤ Lol that reminded me of before when I’d get so frustrated at pushing around logs to get a way through. XD

Then I turned up the volume and heard the background music and it’s the same too~! ❤

Now you’d think it’ll be boring since it’s the same as the first and second, minus the change in storyline, gameplay and location probably (hey, they can’t stay around Weyward forever), but I happen to really love the Golden Sun series, and seeing it on the DS was like… ❤

Especially since it’ll be a new story, and I was kind of considering replaying Golden Sun 1 & 2 using the GBA game slot on my DS, and now I’m thinking that maybe I should replay, so when Golden Sun for the DS comes out, I’ll remember more or less what happened last time. XD

…Also it was weird since I played 2 before 1. Lol

But then I’m getting Tales of the Abyss from Alexa tomorrow. =o=

…That and senior year just started. LOL =))

Guh what to play, what to play…


Lol so the titles go as:

Golden Sun: The Golden Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Dark Dawn

(…what age is that? *SHOT*)

But lol after watching a second demo vid, I found out, the guy who I took as Isaac (I was wondering halfway through the vid why he looked the same, seeing as it’s 30 years after) is actually a guy named Matthew who… looks pretty much like Isaac. o_O GASP IS HE HIS SON OR SOMETHING?! O:

*reads more* OMG HE IS HIS SON! So the new characters are apparently the children of the previous characters. o_O But lol I saw the sprite for maybe Isaac and Garet, and Isaac looks like… Cloud with shorter hair and Garet looks… like he’s balding. XD

Wow so updated. =)) These clips and stuff were only released yesterday. XD


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Just a short entry on another ironic thing I noticed:

The two guys who I used to sort of hate and even fought with at some point in the chatroom, are now much nicer to me, and one even has a crush on me now. XD

Although I AM wondering what’s with the change lol.

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First Day


So today was the first day of classes, back into the uniform, back to classrooms with no aircon (we had them last year since they were constructing next to our room and it was dead hot), and back to a world of homework.


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