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So today’s the last day of summer break, and I’m back to school tomorrow. o3o

Ugh another year of being forced to wear the skirt for the uniform for 4 out of 5 school days in a week. =__=

In a way, I’m excited to get back to class (to explore the new building they just finished, to see my friends again, TO BE A SENIOR MUAHAHAHAHA, and to… be completely unhealthy and eat caf food again LOL), but at the same time, I’d just rather not. =w= The classes, (except maybe THE, its VisComm year~!), the homework, the papers, the entrance exams, AUGH.

Also ’cause I’m WAY more excited to get into college. Much more work, sure, but at least I’d be in a course that focuses on something I’m completely interested in, and I’d have more freedom. 8D

so here, my last post for summer 2010, adieu. ;3


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