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I Want This Shirt

I srsly want/need this shirt.

This is how Tom (formerly Maria XD) describes the way he likes guys. Tom has the mind of a guy, acts like a guy, talks like a guy, but is still interested in guys.


Nothing more awesome than a shirt describing your orientation, eh?


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So while looking for pictures of Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss) so I can finish my costume, I ran into a couple of pages with quotes from Jade. XD I’ll be posting them ’cause some are just¬†hilarious. XD (I put the ones I really like in bold XD)

JADE: Master Luke, please grant us your aid.
LUKE: Man, do you have any pride?
JADE: None so cheap as to be shaken by something as petty as this, sir.
LUKE: Stop calling me “Master.” Coming from you, it’s just… wrong.
JADE: As you wish, “Master” Luke.
JADE: If that’s all you eat, you’ll turn into a rappig, you know.
ANISE: Boo booooo.
JADE: Nice pigtails…
ANISE: T-that’s not fair! Booo!
JADE: Perhaps children are children precisely because they don’t realize they are children…
GUY: … perhaps being teased during this journey might help me to get over it.
JADE: Well, he reacted most strongly when you grabbed him from behind… As long as you avoid that, you should be just fine.
ANISE: Right. Here we go! Coochie coochie coochie coochie coochie…
GUY: S-stop that! Cut it out! No, don’t…! Ack! No! Please! Stoooooooooop!!
ANISE & JADE: Coochie coochie coochie coochie coochie coochie…
GUY: …Th-that’s enough already! And you stay out of this, Jade!
DIST: I am the most graceful of the Six God-Generals, the one and only, Dist the —
JADE: Why, if it isn’t Dist the Runny!
DIST: The Rose! R-O-S-E, rose! Dist the Rose!
DIST: I, the genius Dist, once counted that duplicitous snake Jade amongst my friends.
JADE: Which Jade is that? I don’t know any Jades with such poor taste in friends.
DIST: What did you say?!
JADE: Ah ah, careful now, you know how your nose runs when you get mad.
DIST: Grrrrrrr! No it doesn’t!
LUKE: This is stupid…
GUY: They’re off in their own little world.
LUKE: You really like to be a jerk, don’t you.
JADE: Not at all. I’m so good-natured and honest it almost hurts.
JADE: …one’s personality does not become truly well-rounded until their forties, at least. I intend to make good use of my youth to develop a memorable character, much as these ruins have been remembered over the ages.
NATALIA: My. Such an admirable goal.
JADE: To that end, I’m devoting myself to driving you youngsters crazy.
NATALIA: My… Such a ridiculous goal…
JADE: What’s wrong? You look like you just swallowed a bug. Oh wait, you always look like that.
JADE: Hmm, seems you’ve learned a new trick. Why, it almost sounds like I’m the bad guy!
JADE: Oh, shall I turn you two into Tokunagas as well? I’m no expert, but I think I can manage it.
JADE: If you put too much effort into making excuses, you end up running from your mistakes. Accepting the truth is a difficult thing to do. But it is also necessary.
JADE: If you three scream like that, you could bring an avalanche down on us. Please be caref — WHOA!
LUKE: Whoa! Jade, don’t grab onto my clothes like that! Ow ow ow…
JADE: …My, my, Luke. I can’t approve of your yelling and falling down like that.
ANISE: You’re an amazing liar, Colonel. Your smile hasn’t budged.
JADE: Oh, I assure you. I’m crying on the inside. Wracked with guilt.
GUY: Uh huh…
JADE: Well, the lights are on…but sadly, nobody seems to be home.
JADE: I wonder how far it will take us. I’m ready for a break.
TEAR: You look the least tired of all of us.
JADE: No, no. I’ve been frail since birth. Cough cough…
JADE: Yes. I will accept Dist’s — Saphir’s — death.
LUKE: As an old friend?
JADE: No, as his owner. He was a charming pet.

LUKE: Okay, okay. Is everybody ready?
GUY, ANISE, MIEU, JADE: Ready! ‚ô•
LUKE: Then we’re off to the Absorption Gat — wait, one of those responses sounded weird.
JADE: Oh, details, details. There’s no time, Luke! Let’s go!
JADE: Heaven smiles upon me because of my good deeds.
EVERYONE: (That can’t possibly be true…)
JADE: Human organs are really quite beautiful, you know.
ANISE: Shining scalpel in hand, the genius surgeon Jade Curtiss dissects the monsters of the world!
JADE: We’ll start with Mieu…
MIEU: M-m-m-m-m-me?! No! I don’t taste any good!
JADE: I never said anything about eating you.
ANISE: …If I saw that serious look in your eyes, I’d run too.
JADE: People have the right to choose their own path to destruction.
ANISE: Oh man, this looks tough!
JADE: Come on, the worst that could happen is we all die!
ANISE: Colonel, what’s your secret for being so strong?
JADE: Simple. I drink people’s blood.
JADE: It’s so difficult when people take me seriously.

LUKE: You’re weak!
GUY: You’re a hack!
JADE: You’re whack.
LUKE: Agent of justice, Abyss Red!
JADE: Well, aren’t we getting worked up. A little too worked up if —
ANISE: Shh! Don’t say that! Even if it is true.

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