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Nothing much happened today, I finished all the stuff I had to do for my first college application form, went home, ate and went online.

Basically, that’s what I did all day. XD

Then my friends and I talked some more about plans for thursday when we’re going out, and I hope this time, we actually ARE a lot of people, not like the usual when it sounds like there are a lot going, but on the day itself, there are very few people.


……wtf did I just say… “bawww”?

But yeah. D: Aya’s gonna ask Racelis to come with us, Raven’s coming (HAHA *pokes Vuy*) and err… Joao has his… people. LOL

But Mic isn’t going~ ;3;

oh well… =3=

I hope we’d get lots of pictures though, also ’cause I want a good shot of what I’ll be wearing, which to sum it all up, would be “Bishie J-rock BDSM boy.” XD

Also to record the moments of bothering Vuy, I told everyone to bring cameras, and some of us are bringing more than one. XD I’m bringing my digicam and DSLR.

…and there’s my phone cam too. XD

So that’s about it for now~


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