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Lol he did it again.



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College shiz:

So I looked at the courses in the other college I want to try out for, and out of all the ones I checked out, I only liked these two:

1. BFA Information Design
2. BS Biology

…which is more or less the same with the other college, ‘cept that the art is more formal. LOL

So I’m drawing again and stuff, thinking of potentially killing off my newest drawing by coloring it since I haven’t colored anything using my kurecolor in such a long time.


On that note of art and blah, I suddenly remembered something Mic told me a while back; something bout his cousin telling him to “date the chick that can draw.”


I dunno I just wondered about it all of a sudden. XD

Meh, I think I’ll go make a digital copy of my drawing before I kill it with color now.

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Bored Again~

Well I just read the new chapter of Naruto, checking out the update on Khaos Komix, AND I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO.

Ah well. =w=

I’ll be going back to the office at school tomorrow to submit my application form thing since they were apparently closed last time I went and no one told me until when they’d be closed. xD I think I’ll also be meeting Mic for a short while too while I’m there~

…I think I’ll go play some Rockband or something while waiting for people to get online.

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