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Oddly Enough

It’s actually been going a lot better, now that everyone knows. LOL

…but then I’ll have to live with the fact that when we do anything in the main chatroom, everyone’s going to be watching. EAGERLY.



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It’s Out Now~

Well, most of my friends know now. LOL

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…Well I’d rather be freezing than melting.

Rainy season is here, and I’m overjoyed~! ❤

So now I’m just here, sitting around, nomming my cereal and working on my costume detail every now and then. And since I still don’t know when’s the next con I’m going to, I decided to work on my costume on a more leisurely pace.

(also because the last part, the collar detail is DAMN hard to do)

School starts in about 2 weeks, while the other guys start this Friday (HAHA). Then tomorrow, I’ll be submitting the first of two, maybe 3 college application forms, muaha. Next week, I’ll be out with friends for a trip to the mall before class starts, and hopefully, we can get Mic to come along (’cause I miss yooooouuuu~).

Aaaaaaaaaaand now, I am out of cereal, and I’m off to working on my costume again.

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