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I went to sleep about 3am-ish and it was raining. And rain + sleep = AWESOME SLEEP. 8D

When I woke up at around 10am, it was still raining and the AC was on so it was so cold + the rain so I decided to just burrow into my blankets more and sleep in. I woke up, had lunch and the air was nice and cool, unlike the usual hot summer days.

Why I do believe rainy season is here! 8D So now it’s currently raining, its quite dark and stuff. I love it when the weather’s cold, rainy and dark. XD

So before I start working on my costume again, I’ll be chilling somewhere with a snack, Reason by Fonogenico playing (perfect rainy season music <3) and reading a book to enjoy the awesomeness of today.

…Also I have a slight inkling about why else I'm so happy today. :3


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